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How It All Began

Element Furniture was born as a result of current times. Tim Massey, owner of award-winning Endeavour Craftsmen, envisioned high quality furniture that fits into small spaces and serves more than one purpose. For people whose lives and work now center from home, Element Furniture provides contemporary good looks with multipurpose practicality.  Designed in wood, these adaptable pieces bring convenience and beauty into the workplace of today: your home.


Clayton Thompson, BFA, head designer at Element, has created a line of furniture he refers to as “Convertible Spaces.” Using high quality materials, Clayton has designed elegant pieces with multiple uses. You’ll see his creative ethos unfold as you look through our website.


Along with Tim and Clayton, Tim’s son Tom serves on the team as director of marketing. He devotes his creative energies to bringing the story of complementary form and function to customers looking to enhance their homes.


Our crew of skilled woodworkers, based in Rockland, Maine, is excited to be a part of this new approach to beautiful, functional furniture. Each piece they build is a testament to the work ethic and craftsmanship of the Element team. We guarantee you’ll be delighted with your purchase.

- Tim & The Team


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